I never really post my art here but hey, Almost One Year with my beautiful, perfect girlfriend~

*deer noises*

I’m a deer fur if you couldn’t guess~
2 months with patsy!
Goodness i really dont have much to say except that i love her so much goodness me wowie
happy anniversary, love! I know its a bit late, but i couldnt get ahold of the computer and i couldnt think of anything, but i hope this is something you can like! it isnt done, but i dont think i can be on the computer much longer, so we have to make due. I love you so much, and i really hope we’re together for a long time!

1 Month with pampam88
Francis Arlet
kaiden (◕‿◕✿)
Happy fourth, love~!

may it follow you forever,may it never leave you to sleep in the snow,may we stay lost on our way home.
swiggity sweer im a piebald deer

Jane “bird”

a new character of mine, jane.  ouo   her nickname is Bird because her colors reminded me of a tropical bird oh ha-ha arent i so original


im going to be writing quite a lot, and if anyone would like to watch me an chat, i can add you to watch me of the googledoc, though if need be i can make a side hangout. I would love if you messaged me and asked to join; i love having people with me when i write!

*Love and literature..

(if youd like a better reading experience..)
guitar (any preferred volume)

- - -

nestling down with the familiar hardback cover of ‘will grayson, will grayson’ in my hands, id sink into relaxation and elusion of the world around me.

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*Only in a dream..

(if youd like a better reading experience..)
rain (keep at any volume youd like)
piano (place to sound realistic and faraway)

- - -

only in a dream is this so real to me. only in a dream is it absolutely real as id trudge tiredly up the stairs, hearing the faint yet relaxing sound of rain pelting the roof of our beloved home.

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